Does the number of cars, vans and lorries speeding in Brasted annoy you? It did us as well, so we set up Brasted Community Speed Watch. Community Speed Watch is a nationwide scheme operating on roads with 20, 30 and 40mph limits and it is overseen in our area by Kent Police.

Three volunteers stand by the roadside and, using a display board which tells them accurately the speed of vehicles, write down details and report speeders to the police. Our aim is to improve safety on our roads and to educate drivers so they understand the importance of keeping to speed limits. We need your support to be able to make more regular observations and to extend onto roads other than the A25.

Usually, our sessions are about one hour long and we operate at all hours, even at 6.30am when the days are light enough. Our Speed watch scheme is set up as a sub-committee of the Parish Council and supported by it. Training is done online and, once completed, those at the roadside are fully insured by Kent Police.

In the 130+ hours of observations we have been able to make since setting up in October 2015 we have reported over 4500 speeding vehicles, in our 30mph limit, to the Police. This total does not include vehicles travelling at 34mph or lower. If you have always wanted to wear a hi-vis jacket then this is your chance and we can even provide one for you! Contact the Parish Clerk if you feel you’d be able to help.