Names, addresses and emails
Councillor Anthony Barnes
The Waterhouse Suite, Brasted Place, High Street TN16 1JE

Councillor David Edgar
Laurel Cottage, High Street, Brasted TN16 1HN
Councillor Charles McCready
Saxons, The Carriageway, Brasted, Kent TN16 1JX
Councillor Vic Harbert 
Quintins Lodge, Coles Lane, Brasted, Kent TN16 1NN
Councillor Christine Rogowska (Vice Chair)
The Old Forge, Rectory Lane, Brasted, Kent TN16 1JS                         
Councillor Simon Thorogood (Chair)
La Remise, The Carriageway, Brasted TN16 1JX    
Councillor Sarah White                                                                                          
The Stanhope Arms, Church Road, Brasted TN16 1HZ
Councillor Conrad Wilson                                                                                         
Kent House, High Street, Brasted TN16 1HL                               
District Councillor
Councillor Anna Firth
Colgates, Shoreham Lane, Halstead TN14 7BY
County Councillor
Councillor Nick Chard
42 High Street, Sevenoaks TN13 1JG