Landowners put sites forward for development

Date: Friday 9 September, 2016

Landowners put sites forward for development

Sevenoaks District Council (SDC), along with every other council in the country, is required by the Government to identify land for new development as it updates its local plan – a series of key planning policies that will be used to decide planning Applications – and to identify a new local housing target up to 2035.

Last year SDC asked local landowners to volunteer land and a total of 252 sites were put forward. The majority of these sites are in the Green Belt as most of the 7% of the District not in the Green Belt has already been built on.

In the coming months SDC’s planners will carry out a detailed investigation of each site and will recommend a shorter list of sites that have the potential to be developed. The sites will be considered by Councillors and local people will be asked for their view next year.

The sites were considered at SDC’s Planning Advisory Committee on 21 June 2016 and can be viewed at sites. Comments on the acccuracy of the information presented can be e mailed to

SDC will carry out two full consultations on the sites that will be recommended for development in 2017 followed by a public examination by The Government’s Planning Inspector in 2018 before being formally agreed in 2019.

Brasted Parish Council is currently looking at the sites put forward within Brasted and will be commenting to SDC should it discover any inaccuracies.